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iPhone X sales in rapid decline? Apple will sell 'fewer than 14 million in Q1'

Meanwhile, Samsung sold eight million Galaxy S9 and S9+ in its first month of sales, says Canalys.

Gmail redesign: Google overhauls G Suite with more AI, less clutter

Google's G Suite makeover is aimed at saving businesses email hours, opens and time spent on notifications.

Microsoft's new open-source tech turns iPads, Surface Pros into big touchscreen

Microsoft reveals modular mobile system for multi-player games, analytics, air-traffic control, and trading-desks.

Amazon's Alexa could be tricked into snooping on users, say security researchers

Researchers at Checkmarx were able to build an Alexa skill which could be used to spy on users within earshot. Amazon has now closed the loophole.

Puppet adds new tools, partners for easier IT automation

The IT automation platform is making Puppet Discovery generally available to help companies figure out what to automate first.

Hackers built a 'master key' for millions of hotel rooms

New research shows how hackers can manipulate hotel room key cards to gain access to an entire building.

Dremio 2.0 adds Data Reflections improvements, support for Looker and connectivity to Azure Data Lake Store

Dremio, the Apache Arrow-based BI data fabric, gets smarter and faster Data Reflections, and makes cloud data lake stores first-class.

Finding the data buried in cloud storage

With cloud object stores becoming the de facto data lakes, a recent survey shows that enterprises are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to finding and accounting for all the data that is piling up.

Comcast's Q1 strong as business and high-speed Internet services offset cord cutting

Comcast's customer base continues to shift due to cord cutting, but it still has the broadband pipes and it's adding value on top of that infrastructure.

Juniper builds up more support for multi-cloud environments

The networking company is updating its multi-cloud orchestration tool and offering new support services.

Twitter Q1 stronger than expected, monetization efforts pay off

Twitter's user growth isn't off the charts, but the company is monetizing its user base well and becoming a go-to platform for marketers looking to capitalize on live events.

AWS traffic hijack: Users sent to phishing site in two-hour cryptocurrency heist

Criminals pull off a brazen attack using weakness in core internet infrastructure.

Watch: Haunting video of 3D-printed morphing matter that folds to assemble itself

The future of manufacturing may be in self-assembling materials that can be printed inexpensively and shipped flat

Artificial intelligence will be worth $1.2 trillion to the enterprise in 2018

Gartner says that AI-based customer experience technologies are boosting market value.

Transport for London's contactless and mobile device payments system will be adopted in some American cities

London's world-first contactless ticketing system is now being licensed to New York, Boston, Miami, Sydney....

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