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ACCC launches pricing inquiry for Telstra copper regulation

The ACCC is considering whether to price Telstra's regulated copper and ADSL services in reference to pre- and post-NBN completion periods.

Firefox 64 released with a Windows-like task manager

Firefox 64 also comes with support for multi-tab selections and final distrust of all Symantec SSL certificates.

HPE losing server market share as Dell extends lead during Q3

Dell Inc beats out close competitor HPE by 100,000 units in the third quarter of 2018, IDC reports.

Merry Christmas, Labor: Dutton baulks at encryption Bill changes

Peter Dutton has indicated that the federal government will not accept all of the Labor opposition's proposed changes to its new encryption laws.

Microsoft is close to bringing recognition of multiple different voices to Cortana

Microsoft's Cortana seemingly is close to being able to incorporate recognition of multiple different voices.

US border agents aren't deleting travelers' data after device searches

In addition, CBP agents also didn't carry out any software-assisted searches for more than seven months because a manager forgot to renew a license agreement.

Huawei CFO granted bail in Canada as China detains Canadian

A Canadian court has granted bail to Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou after her arrest in Vancouver on behalf of US authorities.

Tesla is suing Martin Tripp, alleged saboteur, for $167 million

The suit, filed in June, alleges that the former Tesla technician transferred gigabytes of trade secrets to outsiders.

Wix launches Ascend product suite for microbusinesses

Ascend is designed to guide SMBs through the next steps of building a business after they've created a website.

Australian Space Agency to call Adelaide home

The six-month bidding war is over, with the city of churches claiming the title of home to Australia's space efforts.

Top cloud providers 2018: How AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Oracle, Alibaba stack up

Here's a look at the annual run rates, hybrid cloud strategies, and approaches to artificial intelligence and machine learning among the public cloud providers.

GitLab enables deployment of serverless workloads on any cloud

GitLab Serverless leverages Google's Knative, the Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads.

For the fourth month in a row, Microsoft patches Windows zero-day used in the wild

Microsoft also fixes 38 other security bugs, 9 of which are rated "Critical."

Itaś and Standard Chartered launch LatAm's first blockchain-based loan platform

The proof of concept was carried out using R3's Corda Connect open source platform and aimed at simplifying the process underpinning syndicated loans.

Kubernetes etcd data project joins CNCF

A vital part of the Kubernetes stack, etcd, is moving from Red Hat to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

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