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CEO view: Digital transformation at Siemens USA (CxOTalk interview)

The CEO of a company with $23 billion in revenue and 50,000 employees talks about innovation, culture, data, customer relationships, business models, IT vs. OT, and more. Barbara Humpton is a strong and powerful leader who offers practical advice and lessons for every manager. Watch the video and read her comments.

Customer engagement: Context, meaning, and measurement

Industry expert practitioner Elizabeth MacAuley-Italiano gives her take on customer engagement, its definition, framework, and its practicality. Pay close attention -- this can help define what you do moving forward.

MySpace lost 13 years worth of user data after botched server migration

Most photos, songs, and videos uploaded to the site between 2003 and 2015 are lost for good, site said.

SAS to invest $1 billion in AI for industry uses, education, R&D

The AI investment is part of SAS' efforts to make data, AI, machine learning and algorithms more return driven and consumable.

Slack launches Enterprise Key Management, a tool that gives admins control over encryption keys

With EKM, businesses gain control over the encryption keys used to encrypt the files and messages within their Slack workspace.

Valve?s Steam gaming platform pledges new approach to review bombs

Off-topic review bombs are at the heart of changes which have not met with full applause.

Digital transformation: 10 lessons from an ultra marathoner

Being average is no longer an option. Defeating average in a digital economy requires companies and individuals to stretch themselves beyond what enabled their successful path in the past. Digital business transformation, like running ultra marathons, is grueling work.

Confirming your digital skills ? digitally, of course

'To establish determine what is and what is not relevant to achieving business goals, the organization needs to be educated and then make educated decisions and educated plans.'

Windows 10 users: We're killing OneDrive Groove Music streaming, says Microsoft

Microsoft continues to retire components of Groove Music with no more streaming OneDrive music from March 31.

Apple unveils new 10.5-inch iPad Air and iPad mini with Apple Pencil support

Apple has unveiled two new iPads ahead of its event scheduled for March 25.

Apple's just a 'monopolist': Spotify hits back over revenue split

Apple and Spotify argue over which of them owns app users.

Amazon pilots seed, angel investment program for high-risk startups

The program could result in more early-stage firms and investors joining the AWS ecosystem.

Cybersecurity: Don?t let the small stuff cause you big problems

If hospitals don't take cybersecurity seriously, a series of small issues could be as bad as a major cyberattack like WannaCry, warns NHS Digital chief.

Galaxy S10 battery drain: Bug keeps waking $1,000 phone in people's pockets

Fix this proximity-sensor problem now, Galaxy S10 owners tell Samsung.

Is it still a good idea to publish proof-of-concept code for zero-days?

Time and time again, the publication of PoC code for zero-days and recently patched security bugs often helps hackers more than end-users.

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