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TalkTalk customer bank details found through Google search

A Google query was all it took to find the data of 4,500 customers -- none of whom were informed about the leak.

?Open Universities stays smart by keeping chatbots dumb

Disguising chatbots as humans is not a ticket to success for Open Universities Australia.

Qualcomm's licensing practices violated US antitrust laws, judge rules

The chip giant will appeal the decision.

IBM Watson beats humans in Suncorp claims assessments

Suncorp ran Watson silently alongside its consultants for six months, with the AI returning the most accurate insurance claims assessments.

SK Telecom and Seoul government to install 5G ADAS on buses and cabs

SK Telecom and Seoul metropolitan government will install 5G-enabled ADAS on 1,700 buses and taxis to develop a real-time HD map in preparation for autonomous vehicles.

Samsung uses AI to transform photos into talking head videos

Only one facial image is required to create a talking head video.

ACCC hauls Kogan to court for alleged price hiking before discounting, again

The ACCC has instituted proceedings against Kogan, alleging it made false or misleading representations about a 10% discount promotion.

NSW government looks to grow digital skills in those not going to university

There's a skills shortage, but there isn't enough of a focus on the 50% of students who don't want to go to university, according to NSW Minister for Skills and Tertiary Education.

DNS Flag Day 2020: DNS servers must support both UDP and TCP queries

Industry group wants to make DNS over TCP support mandatory.

US to reportedly blacklist Chinese surveillance camera giant Hikvision

The reported ban on Hikvision comes at a time when US is restricting technology exports to several leading Chinese technology companies, including Huawei.

NetApp's Q4 falls below expectations, guidance light

The data storage vendor reported a drop in both product and hardware revenues.

Two more Microsoft zero-days uploaded on GitHub

SandboxEscaper has now published seven zero-days in Microsoft products; two more to come.

Tech news roundup: GDPR turns 1, and who makes the best apps?

Karen Roby reports on this week's biggest tech news, which includes Huawei's Android license and GDPR?s one-year anniversary, as well as what Microsoft says about a potential version of the law in the US.

Congress: "It's time for a time out" on facial recognition

Members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, are expressing alarm over the the misuse of facial recognition technologies.

No, this AI can?t finish your sentence

The New York Times wrote in November that Google's Bert natural language model can finish your sentences, but this week, the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence argues it's not so and that machines still cannot really reason.

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